Between Night and Day

Its been three years and here is the third compilation.

I Had a Dream, Swam Before Your Eyes and now Between Night and Day. Gri Balkon has been working hard to promote independent sounds from all over the world since 2013 and here is another cut for you. Between Night and Day is available to download free for a year just like the previous albums. Grab it, love it.

Swam Before Your Eyes

Swam Before Your Eyes

Gri Balkon’s sophomore compilation is out now.

After the debut compilation ‘I Had a Dream’ released last year, Gri Balkon made a deal with other great artists and compiled their tracks in sophomore compilation ‘Swam Before Your Eyes’. Grab it, free for a year.

I Had a Dream

gri balkon-i had a dream

Gri Balkon made a deal with your favourite artist/bands and released a digital compilation album for you. You have the opportunity download the album free for a year.

Huge thanks to firstly artist/bands and the managements, press, labels and you -the listener- who all supports to make this dream real !